It's a lifestyle improvement movement, founded on the principle that bridging the gap between the Paleolithic Era—how we’ve lived for 2.6 million years—and the present will bring us closer to our true nature.

Currently available for the iPad® in iTunes®, the app navigates users through a challenging four-week journey of self-rediscovery, embracing the ideal that the true nature of humanity is to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives. Each of the four features—#power, #provisions, #presence and #progress—reincorporate unique Paleolithic qualities into our modern Western lifestyle.

Gain primal #power by following the progressive 4 week exercise program exclusively designed by Swedish fitness guru Astrid Bengtson. Each of the four exercise videos are accompanied by soothing melodies (Wesley Wolfe), expert voice-over guidance, and a detailed exercise gallery featuring descriptions and photos.

Plan your #provisions (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, treats) with over 60 unique paleo recipes created by Boston's Chef Samuel Monsour. Samuel's signature approach toward American cuisine focuses heavy on comfort and soul, and his paleo recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings. Recipes offered include: "The Hand Held Omelette," Maple Cured Pork Belly, Chicken & Waffles, Fish Tacos w/ Mango Guac & Kiwi Hot Sauce, Smoked Sausage Pizza, Squash "Mac" & Cheese, NY Strip "Pad Thai," Crab Cakes Étouffée and Chocolate Ganache PMS Cake (to name a few).

Take control of your #presence, and get back in touch with your human side, with daily challenges that focus on three intrinsic goals: 1) Personal Growth, 2) Desire to Help, and 3) Relationship Strengthening.

Monitor your #progress every night by recording in your digital journal. Each evening's question vary, and sync with specific details regarding your daily challenges, as well as where you're at in your 28 day journey.

When used in combination with each other, these four features provide you with all of the resources needed to make it through your entire primal pilgrimage! (To fully reap the benefits of taking the #true28 challenge, you should adhere to each and every guideline suggested.)

All of this might seem a little overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got your back!  Everybody knows we're stronger in numbers. We're not going to just leave you out there by your #selfie. Become a #trueNation member and get hooked up with community forums, event invitations, fresh recipes, fly exercises, positive reinforcement, and direct communication with founders Astrid Bengtson and Samuel Monsour.